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As an artist I purely work from my intuition. My hands create the next form, the next composition on the paper, on my computer or on the canvas. Not my brain. If I start to plan or think of what I wish to create, I simply block, and a discussion with my self starts and never ends. The outcome is frustration, despair and mental exhaustion. Then I become passive and moody and go home. When I try to make sense nothing happens. Art for me is a make-no-sense- state of mind. It’s the subconscious taking over.  When I do art I am not a citizen of this world, anyone’s wife or someone’s mother. Art is my get away from reality. Here are no rules, no reason -  just art.


However art buyers want me to make sense. They want me to talk about my pieces. Explain them. Analyze them. Give them meaning and add big words. They want to see recognizable forms, universes, stories and figurative objects. The unknown and unexplainable is uncomfortable for most. And if they do see things and translate my pieces and create their own stories it makes me truly joyful. I simply don’t need to be aware of the outcome or have a plan. I am just dealing with me and my subconscious and that is more than enough.


I have been studying art at various art schools and by artist such as: Tal R/ Peter Land/ Pierre Beskow/ Eva Koch/ Søren Martinsen and Peter Holck.